Youth Ministry UnConference December 6 Day Of Dreaming

In my quest for wisdom, I’ve been learning about collaboration and the structures for gathering people to leverage their collective wisdom. Open Space Technology is one such method, and we will be using it here –>

About a month ago Youth Specialties hosted a gathering of youth workers in the Dallas area for lunch to share with them some of the programs they were bringing to the DFW area.

Close to 70 showed up.

The events YS were bringing to DFW were exciting, but when it was over many felt we had missed something in all of us being in the room together. An opportunity had passed us.

A few of us who hung around after got to dreaming and discussing where youth ministry is going and what God might be doing in our area.

The conversation was positive. The conversation was stimulating. We wanted more conversation and more dreamers.

So let’s do this! Let’s come together with one question in mind…

What do we need to learn, share, or create to meet the spiritual needs of teenagers?

Join us as we pray and dream together.

December 6th and 7th DFW area youth pastors and workers want to invite you to join us for a day of prayer and dreaming.

There will be no advertising, marketing, or pitches. Our purpose for gathering is straightforward: We want to come together to pray for the youth in our communities and dream about how God might use us to help them know Him more deeply.

Here is how our time will be spent. We ask that you come into the meeting Monday having fasted, at 10 am Monday Dec 6th we will open with a concert of prayer.

Following that time, we will enter into group conversations using an “unconference” discussion format called Open Space. Anyone can propose a conversation; you’ll be able to choose which circles you want to join.

At noon we’ll serve lunch breaking our fast and around 12:30 our first conversations will begin.

We’ll continue until 5-6 that evening, and then break for dinner. We’ll resume at 8 am the next day to finish conversations and have a closing circle that will end around noon.

THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO COST TO ATTEND. The only funds you will need is for meals and housing. However, you need not spend money on a hotel unless you want to, area youth pastors have agreed to put up people coming in from out of town in their homes, if you need a place to stay, or have a home others can stay in contact Mary Ann Connor at .

When? December 6 at 10 am thru noon Dec 7

Where? Irving Bible Church

Registration? It’s free, but space is limited. Register here ->

Hosting Team: Mark Matlock, David Grant, Rawd Jones, Lars Rood, Shawn Small

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One Response to Youth Ministry UnConference December 6 Day Of Dreaming

  1. i love this idea!
    we have a volunteer appreciation dinner that evening, so i cannot attend.
    i would love to participate in a future “unconference”.

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