Why I’m Here

My name is Mark Matlock. In 1995 I founded a non-profit organization called WisdomWorks to explore the accelerated acquisition of the mysterious quality we call wisdom. This blog is designed primarily to log insight I collect along the way so others can interact with what I’m learning and provide added understanding.

Over the past years I’ve authored more than 13 books for teens, youth workers, and parents primarily on the subject of wisdom including Freshman: The College Students Guide To Developing Wisdom, The Wisdom On Series, Real World Parents, Living A Life That Matters (a study of Ecclesiastes), and Smart Faith (with Philosopher JP Moreland).

In addition to my work with WisdomWorks, I also provide leadership to Youth Specialties, an organization dedicated to resourcing, equipping and encouraging youth workers.

Am I fool for believing I can make a contribution to the field of wisdom? Probably so,  you be the judge.

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